Our namesake (K2 Mountain) is known as the Savage Mountain due to the extreme difficulty of ascent. We chose this to represent the dedication required to meet the challenges ahead.

K2 mountain peak view from Concordia camp, Pakistan. Image licensed from Adobe Stock.

K2 Technical Staff

As Program Managers and Principal Investigators for several Air Force, Navy, and Army contracts, K2’s management team of Military Veterans have a wealth of contract, personnel, and technical management experience.  K2 Technical is not just a name, but also a promise that we will deliver the highest possible quality and value to our customers.

Ken Lien – President 

K2 Founder and President, Ken Lien was the Principal Investigator/Program Manager for the successful execution of two $10m contracts at the Air Force Research Laboratory and Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC). He has installation-level experience in previous roles as the base focal point for the three major security disciplines: Information, Personnel, and Industrial Security. He is a certified Air Force Instructor, former Installation Antiterrorism Officer, and Antiterrorism Level II Course Chief for Air Force Material Command’s Regional Training Center “Brave Defender.”

Dr. Ken Knox – Vice President and Chief Scientist

K2 Chief Scientist, Dr. Ken Knox has 35+ years of Engineering experience as an Air Force Civil Engineer and Chief Scientist for several defense contractors, and was the Principal Investigator developing security risk mitigation methodologies and software (ForcePRO) for the military departments. He has led several multidisciplinary teams on over 50 Security Risk Assessments providing expert support to installation decision makers. He has also trained nearly 1,000 security professionals in risk-based decision making. Dr. Knox was also a founding member of the JCS-led Joint Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (JSIVA) program.